Before becoming an international artist & Dj, Gervay Brio was a New Age composer, healer & leader in France, who published seven albums for Relaxation, Meditation & Awakening (1980-1990).
AN ORIGINAL SONG TO WELCOME HIS HOLINESS KARMAPA XVII OGYEN TRINLEY DORJE IN PARIS 2016 May 4th KARMAPA means « The One who act only to benefit others », it is under that name and for that purpose, a high tibetan lama, is reincarnating since the 12th century till now, in his seventeen incarnation. HHKPXVII is today the head and the spiritual leader of the Kagyu Lineage who was born with Milarepa, the great holy tibetan yogi. Orgyen Trinley Dorje is the new modern authentic successor, travelling and spreading worldwide the Dharma, or the Universal Law, teached by the Bouddha Sakiamuni 2500 years ago, to free all being from ignorance and suffering. GERVAY BRIO, composer and international deejay (Akademia Music Award Los Angeles CA 2015), is a disciple of his predecessor Rangjung Rigpe Dorje Gyalwang Karmapa XVI, since 1977, who encouraged him to continue music for wealth of all beings. Beside his artistic career, Gervay founded in 1979 the first tibetan center in Nantes under HHKPXVI autority, 40 years later, he specialy composed «Karmapa Day», mixing the pure voice of Ogyen Trinley Dorje with the most contempory « house music » tunes, as an offering to His Holiness to came back in our new era, and to visit France for the first time. UNE MUSIQUE ORIGINALE POUR ACCUEILLIR SA SAINTETE KARMAPA XVII OGYEN TRINLEY DORJE A PARIS le 4 mai 2016 KARMAPA signifie « Celui qui agit seulement au profit des autres », c’est sous ce nom et à cette fin, qu’un haut lama tibétain, se réincarne depuis le 12ème siècle jusqu’à maintenant, dans sa dix-septième incarnation. HHKPXVII est aujourd’hui la tête et le chef spirituel de la lignée Kagyu qui est née avec Milarepa, le grand et saint yogi tibétain. Ogyen Trinley Dorje est le nouveau et authentique nouveau successeur, il voyage dans le monde entier pour répandre le Dharma, ou la loi Universelle, enseigné par le Bouddha Sakiamuni il y a 2500 ans, afin de libérer tous les êtres de l’ignorance et de la souffrance. GERVAY BRIO, compositeur et DJ international (Akademia Music Award Los Angeles CA 2015), est un disciple de son prédécesseur Rangjung Rigpe Dorje Gyalwang Karmapa XVI, depuis 1977, qui l’encouragea à continuer la musique pour le bonheur de tous les êtres. En parallèle de sa carrière artistique, Gervay fonda en 1979 le premier Centre Tibétain à Nantes sous l’autorité de HHKPXVI, quarante ans plus tard il compose «Karmapa Day», mêlant la voix pure d’ Orgyen Trinley Dorje avec une « house music » des plus contemporaines, en offrande à Sa Sainteté pour être revenue dans notre nouvelle ère, et de visiter la France pour la première fois. 100% royalties to
KARMAPA DAY Gervay Brio feat Ogyen Trinley Dorje FOREVER GUIDE Gervay Brio feat HH Karmapa XVI #1 NumberOneMusic New Age Chart « Thanks to Dj Gervay Brio for KARMAPA DAY ! » The latest Karmapa Daily - Twitter « You are awesome. I just searched on N1M for new stuff and found your KARMAPA DAY, then proceeded to listen all of your music from your page. Keep it up, I love it. » Albina - Nova Scotia/ Canada « Hey I must tell you that I am so impressed with your song KARMAPA DAY. Are you going to upload new tunes anytime soon? You know… I could listen to your music all day ! This is so good! It's delightful ! » Minnie - Chicago/Illinois/United States « Hi. i'll admit, i just stumbled upon your track KARMAPA DAY by referall from my friend's post on facebook...I like it! i look forward to listening to the rest of your music. » Megan - Hunty/United Kingdom « You are amazing, Gervay ! Karmapa Chenno forever, YES ! » Chrys Bean - California/United States « Hello, I’m not a fan of your music genre but your track KARMAPA DAY caught my attention while I was browsing Discover page. How do I buy this tune on here? Peace ! Hey your music helps me standing a hard time at the moment! thank you for it.. » Dale - Keswick/United Kingdom « Your music is absolutely awesome and reflects my mood for today. I will follow your updates here and share your stuff as often as I can.. All the best ! Can't stop listening to KARMAPA DAY ! Definitely would like to hear more. It sounds like you put in some solid work. » Cornel - Gateshead/United Kingdom « Hi ! First, I really love your music KARMAPA DAY ! Sometimes I think Music should come with a warning : can take Body & Mind ! » Herschel - London/United Kingdom
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